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Various types of LED grow light
Category:Dynamics    2017-07-14 16:54
Strobe of LED grow light would have a big influence for the grow of indoor plants once we decide to get those LED light from LED grow light manufacturer China for the best growth of the products. So we should figure out the difference for the different strobes of the light in order to give a suitable light for the plants.
For example, there is a reference for one type of the light. It says that your LED light should be positioned 24-36” away from your plants during the vegetative cycle and about 15”-20” during the bloom cycle. Under this situation, we can analyze the absorb of the light by plants through the different grow situation. Thus there is another situation of smaller lights can be positioned a little closer. So we need to consider the right one from Led grow light waterproof 30W wholesale. But please note that any closer that 10” from the canopy can cause bleaching, especially with the larger lights. When the plants growing with LED lighting, we should know that successful growers have reported record results using special techniques to monitor and record it. Lots of detailed information can be found about these techniques online. Even without using these techniques, proper topping and pruning can be used to maximize light exposure to your plants and minimize shading.
This is the advantage by using LED grow light even the led for plants price is here for customers.