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Why choose Led Vegetative Grow Light?
Category:Dynamics    2017-10-19 08:04
The reason to choose the Led Vegetative Grow Light is sample.
This product utilized for plant grow up ,widely use for greenhouse ,grow tent,medical plant ,flower,fruit ect.
Benefit :
1.Vegetable ,fruit boost yield 30%, leafy green boost yield 50%.
2.Put forward flowering and fruiting 10-21 days, harvest& sell fruit earlier.
3.Prevent diseases and insect pests
4.Environmental protection.LED grow light ,no pollution,no mercury
Full spectrum LED grow lights are a relatively new product on the market and many growers are not all that familiar with these new lighting systems. Most people believe the giant fluorescent are the best grow lights to use over an indoor growing marijuana garden, but they aren’t. Full spectrum light systems are better because they mimic real sunlight.
Let’s take a closer look at the best LED grow lights sorted by the area they cover. That will help you match a light with the size of your grow space.