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Tips on How to Choosing best Led grow lighting
Category:Dynamics    2017-12-11 09:25
Targeted light frequencies
You would have been taught in high school that white light is made from different frequencies (colours) of light, a clear example of this is a rainbow where the white light has been separated into colours. If you've already being doing your research in to plant growth and the effect of light, then you will know that plant can only absorb specific frequencies of light, these tend to be at the blue and red end of the light spectrum. Because LEDs tailor the light they emit to the task in hand, there is less energy wastage, helping you keep your electricity cost down. This may become one of the most important factors when deciding which type of grow light to buy, especially if energy prices continue to rise.
Heat Generated by LED Grow Lights
Grow lights such as Metal Halide and HPS lights heat up and require a cooling system to they don't burn your hydroponic garden or start a fire. Broadly speaking you will require some basic knowledge of electric to wire up a suitable cooling system and dependent on your method of cooling / extraction it can become quite expensive. A major advantage is that a cooling or extraction system is not needed when using LED Lights, the bulbs produce very little heat and will only become slightly warm to the touch even when they've been on for a long period of time. Since there is no need for a cooling system to stop your plants from frying, you will save on your electric bills too.
They're Low voltage
LED's are low voltage and require much less electricity than HPS or Metals Halide. This is another advantage of LED lights, since they can help reduce your electricity costs.
Since no ballast is required, there's one less thing to worry about
Unlike some other grow lights LED's require no ballasts, this makes LED Mounting systems lighter than other traditional grow lights. LED grow bulbs can be screwed into normal light fittings and many come with a ES 27 type screw fitting which is a common lamp fitting, so you should have no problems finding a light fitting to house your LED grow bulbs.
LEDs last longer
A big advantage of LED grow light manufacturer China  is their life time. they last a long time, 100,000 hours in fact. That's almost 50 times longer than other types of bulbs. Unlike HPS or Metal Halide that need to be changed due to the light degradation over time, resulting in light spectrum changes, LEDs have a light spectrum which remains constant throughout their entire life.
Reflectors aren't necessary
Because the reflectors are already built into the LED grow lights, there's no additional cost so you can save even more money.
There are many advantages to LED Grow lights, they save on electricity, produce very little heat and have an extremely long life time with degradation to the light frequency.

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