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Led Seedling Grow Light

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VANQ 30w SMD Waterproof Led Grow Rigid Bar(60pcs SMD LED series)
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VANQ 30w SMD Waterproof Led Grow Rigid Bar(60pcs SMD LED series)

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Details Product Attributes
1.This produce widely utilized for biology laboratory,vegetable factory,vertical farm, indoor plant tissue culture,seedling,leafy green growth.
2.Easy installation ,wide power AC85-265V, suitable for all country .
3.Replace traditional grow light .

Benefit :
1.Vegetable ,fruit boost yield 30%, leafy green boost yield 50%.
2.Put forward flowering and fruiting 10-21 days, harvest& sell fruit earlier.
3.Prevent diseases and insect pests
4.Environmental protection.LED grow light ,no pollution,no mercury

1. Made by Aluminum Alloy 6063 and PC cover.
2. 60pcs*0.5w high power LED,built-in 30w constant current power supply.
3. Input Voltage AC85V-265V,Convenient usage, suitable for all countries.
4. Lifespan: more than 20,000hours, maximum 50,000hours.
5. Applied for seedling under the dark & gloomy environment, guarantee the consistency of seedling form,tissue culture.
6. CE,RoHS certification,Safety and environment friendly.  


Input voltage AC85-265V  50Hz Dimension 1202*33*22mm
Material Aluminum alloy+PC Socket  3pins flexible connector
Power  30W Electricity connecting  1 end connecting
Lifespan 25000-50000 hours Working Temp  -20 to 50 degree
IP grade IP65 waterproof Hanging height 40cm
N.W 700g PPFD 25-130 umol/m2/s
Installation single/daisy-chain Warranty  2 years

Color ratio:
VQ-GLSR030W-01 460nm,60pcs 5730 led
VQ-GLSR030W-01 660nm,60pcs 5730 led
VQ-GLSR030W-01 660:460=1:1,60pcs 5730 led
VQ-GLSR030W-01 660:460=3:1,60pcs 5730 led
VQ-GLSR030W-01 660:460=4:1,60pcs 5730 led
customized color ratio acceptable

Product name: VQ-GLSR030W series

Power: 30W

Input voltage: AC85-265V

Material: Aluminum alloy,pc cover

IP Grade : IP65

Size: 120cm

Package : 25根/箱,1420*250*210cm/箱

Working temperature: -20~50°C

Life span: 25,000-50,000 hours

Application: indoor plant/vertial farm/seedling/tissue culture