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Led Vegetative Grow Light

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Led grow light 600W
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Led grow light 600W

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Details Product Attributes
This product utilized for plant grow up ,widely use for greenhouse ,grow tent,medical plant ,flower,fruit ect.  
Good replacement for 1800w HPS(High Pressure Sodium),80% energy-saving

Benefit :
1.Vegetable ,fruit boost yield 30%, leafy green boost yield 50%.
2.Put forward flowering and fruiting 10-21 days, harvest& sell fruit earlier.
3.Prevent diseases and insect pests
4.Environmental protection.LED grow light ,no pollution,no mercury

1. Utilizing full spectrum, PAR range from 380nm-850nm similar sunlight . 
2. Modular design, independent source .independent power . independent fan .easy to maintain. 
3. Various lens in different beam angle are available for different application.
4. Industry leading waterproof LED driver.  IP67
5.Over-temperature self protection function,when temperature of over 70 degrees.
6.Two modes control alone, can choose according to demand control
7.Good replacement for 1800w HPS(High Pressure Sodium),80% energy-saving

Input voltage AC85-265V  50Hz Dimension 550*388*187mm
Material Aluminum IP grade IP44
Power  600W Source 150W*4pcs
PPFD 111-1627umol/m2/s Bean angle 90/120 degree
Hanging height 2m Working Temp -20~50 degree
Lifespan 25000-50000 hours N.W 13.6KGS
Wavelength 400-840nm 380-840nm 380-840nm
Application Plants supplementary Lower plants Higher plants

---In-depth knowledge about this 600w grow led lamp---

Product name: VQ-GLIB600W

Power: 600W

Input voltage: AC85-265V

Material: Aluminum alloy

Size: 550*388*187mm

Package : 68*50*26cm

Working temperature: -20~50°C

Life span: 25,000-50,000 hours

Application: indoor plant grow/greenhouse plant