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Led Grow Chip

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VANQ Led Grow Chip Full Spectrum 1W/3W
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VANQ Led Grow Chip Full Spectrum 1W/3W

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Details Product Attributes
1.Build led lights for plant grow
2.Wide wavelength full spectrum is best sunlight similar , apply for all plant grow 
3.For tissue culture, seedling, leafy grow ,flowering , fruit .
3.Have no UV ,environmental protection.

1.Led holder:red copper ,high intensity of heat disspation.
2.1.2mil 99.99%gold wire  
3.Utilzied USA Bridgelux chip and Taiwan Epileds.

Model VQ-P001W/3W
Power 1w/3w
Wavelenth  Full spectrum 400-840nm
Voltage 3-3.4V
Current  0.35A/0.7A
Beam angle  90/120 degree
Working temp -20~50 degree
Lifespan 25,000-50,000 hours

Product name: VQ-P001-FSA

Power: 1W

Input voltage: 3-3.4V

Material: red copper led holder

Package : 250pcs/bag

Working temperature: -20~50°C

Life span: 25,000-50,000 hours

Application: Led Grow Light